Unlocked Events

Another Walk in the Woods Breedable Expo

August 10-15, 2024


We are pleased to invite you to step off the beaten path once again, in an enchanting event designed to bring together Breedable & Game creators in an EXCLUSIVE Expo designed just for you!

Brought to you by Cort Brandriss (Potted, [ free bird ], and more) and the team at Unlocked Events, this Expo has been designed to bring Breedables & Games into the SL spotlight!

This is NOT a fund-raising event! This is an opportunity for you to showcase your product as we reach out to the entire gaming community and all of Second Life!

We are not requiring anything this year, outside of ONE no transfer gift item - this can be literally anything - as a traffic boost. You know what is best for your customer base and business - do as you like with your marketing!

We are now accepting reservations! Due to the unique build of this event SPACE IS LIMITED!!

Note: We are sorry, but companies in Alpha/Beta-Release stage may not participate.


★★★ Platinum Level Reservation – LIMITED TO 5 ★★★

PLEASE NOTE!! Platinum Level Reservations can only be confirmed when Website Registration has been completed and payment has been received. We are unable to hold spaces.

★ 20,000L
★ 500 prims
★ 40×40 area


Premium Placement on the sim nearest the landing.

Event Sponsor for 1 day:

★ Exclusive Sponsorship on the Event Sim for ONE Assigned Day, renamed (in About Land info) to “Sponsored By: Your Company”.

Please note: Platinum Level Registrations are limited to 1 per company.

✰✰✰ Gold Level Reservation ✰✰✰

★ 15,000L
★ 500 prims
★ 40×40 area

This event will be held on the Potted Events sim. Because of this, I have lowered pricing from last year. Entry fees will be used to cover the cost of the event, which includes the sim build, admin fees and advertising. Once registration is confirmed, the entry fee is no longer refundable.

To Register

This is an invitation only event. If you have received an invitation, fill out a registration form.

An Expo representative will contact you inworld to complete your registration. Spaces are limited, can be reserved on a first come, first served basis and are expected to fill quickly. Please contact Cort Brandriss in-world with any questions.

Thank you for participating in Another Walk in the Woods Breedables Expo 2024!