Unlocked Events

Candy Cane Lane

December 5 - 25, 2022 ~ A FREE 0L Hunt

It's getting colder and that means it's time for sweets, decorations, and lots of fun!

Join us as we celebrate the season with FREE hunt!

If you like our hunt sign, the picture was taken by the amazing Wendz Tempest!

Hints & Prizes

[ free bird ]

Prize Preview

If Santa traveled by ship and not by sleigh, I bet he'd sleep here!


Prize Preview

Be a Bunny, Be a Bunny, Be a Bunny!

Awesome Breed Creations

Prize Preview

If you've hunted here b4, then you know!


Prize Preview

Petting the beasts makes my gumdrop buttons happy!

Junk Food

Prize Preview

Have a seat, cause I'm feeling saucy!


Prize Preview

Only $1 to join the Potted Patreon Discord?! AND I can suggest future plants and see WIPs?! Yes please!

high v.

Prize Preview

the stockings are hanging and packed tight!


Prize Preview

Catching rays in Boston for Christmas in July

Gallerie Meara

Prize Preview

I'm feeling LUCKY at the ARCHIVES.


Prize Preview

I can see the entire store from this spot!

Kaotic Kreations

Prize Preview

Just watering my plant <3

Space Cadet

Prize Preview

All Signs Lead to the North Pole


Prize Preview

whatever you do, donut look here!


Prize Preview

It's cold out there so come inside.
Behind this pillar is where I hide.

Seetra. Poses

Prize Preview

The princess and the prince charming, forever happy will be, at the entrance of the ballroom, is where you'll find me.


Prize Preview

Look out for the magic of the moon

Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms

Prize Preview

Oh no! I am within the festive serpent's maw!


Prize Preview

Above the door, a raven holds what you're looking for


Prize Preview

midnight crumbs


Prize Preview

when you think it gets cold you actually get hot

Bloom! furniture & Decor

Prize Preview

Ride on the clouds, find your way to the stars


Prize Preview

This cutie wants to be your soulmate and cuddle you like a teddybear


Prize Preview



Prize Preview

"After playing in the snow all day, it's time for a 'snacc'"

Dreamland Designs

Prize Preview

sales sales sales !!

CKEY Poses

Prize Preview

When its real, it will always be by yourside

the mustard seed

Prize Preview

Naughty Kitty! Not the gingerbread man, too!

Deco Soup

Skip for Now Please


Prize Preview

Watch your step on the way up


Prize Preview

Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me. I have a sedan!

Scha Young

Prize Preview

"Brr I'm freezing. My hands are so cold!"

Thank you for participating in the Candy Cane Lane Hunt 2022!